Olivia is thrilled to have accepted her new position

as the theatre teacher and director at her former

middle school in Framingham, MA!



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"The way she communicates with young actors is appropriate and engaging---the kids adore her and respect her. Olivia is able to break down complicated acting methods and do it in a way that is fun, engaging, and safe for our young performers.  She is fun and serious; a perfect balance."   - JH, camp supervisor

"Olivia assistant directed six productions at my younger son's middle school when he was in the seventh and eighth grades. She also choreographed both musicals those years. As someone helping establish a parent arts support group at the school, I had many opportunities to see Olivia at work with the students as well as, of course, as an audience member, witness the wonderful results.  I was most impressed with her ability both to command respect and to inspire enthusiasm and devotion from a wide range of students. A fine example of how a good work ethic and fun can go hand in hand! 

Any time I happen to hear that someone is working with her, or has a child in one of her productions, I am thrilled -- I know that the student is in excellent hands and will not only learn and grow but also have a very enjoyable and memorable experience to treasure." - NG, parent

"Olivia’s greatest strength is her warm manner that communicates a genuine interest in her students. She has developed strong student management skills and keeps students on-task and learning." - JA, co-worker

"Casting me as a dancer made my confidence levels skyrocket and I've been on the uphill ever since. Thank you!" - AK, summer theater participant

“You are delightful! Your warm-ups provided me with the most focus and energy for a show I’ve ever had and I’m already jealous of the kids that get to experience that theatrical focus with you every day. Thank you so much for everything” - CE, summer theater participant

“You have an amazing passion for your work and an ability to relate to young people which inspires them to be their very best and not settle for anything less. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me” - RF, summer theater participant

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